Housing Counseling

The Housing Counseling Program offers two different first-timehomebuyer's workshops along with homebuyer, budget, and credit/debt counseling. In addition, the program can also work one-on-one with individuals to help them understand the home buying process as well as help them address any barriers to homeownership that they face.


First-Time Homebuyer's Workshops

These one-day workshops are free to the public and take participants through the home buying process from loan application to closing and life as a homeowner. Lenders, such as CHFA, Rural Development, and others, require that borrowers participate in this type of training.


Homebuyer Counseling Workshops

An expanded version of the First-Time Homebuyers Workshop, these workshops take a more in-depth look at the home buying process and are designed for participants who need additional assistance to become homeowners. There are six workshops in the series and each workshop is two hours long.


Financial Success Classes

These one-hour classes take an in-depth look at the skills needed to achieve financial success. There are six workshops in the series.


Consumer Education

Central Colorado Housing offers workshops and one-on-one counseling to individuals on the following topics:


Foreclosure Prevention

Counselors will work with homeowners to negotiate payment arrangements with their mortgage company, and/or explore other options. Counselors will also help the homeowner reevaluate their budget and outstanding debt.


Identity Theft

The Homebuyer Education Program works with individuals to prevent identity theft and to address any issues that are the result of identity theft.

For more information, to register for a workshop or schedule an appointment contact: 

Laura Yost at (719) 269-7687 or laura.yost@uaacog.com

Online Homebuyer's Education


Can't find time in your busy schedule to attend a class offered at our office? Take it online! eHome America is a convenient alternative to CCH's free classroom seminars.


But Check With Your Lender First! Some lenders require the in-person class as described above. Course must be taken separately by each individual. There is a $99 fee for the first person, plus a $49 fee for each additional household borrower. The primary borrower should register first and provide co-borrower information at that time. Each co-borrower will receive an email to register their own account. You can complete the course at your own pace anytime or day. The online class will take at least 8 hours to complete. Click this link to register!    http://www.ehomeamerica.org/UAACOG


Upon Completion of this online program you will:

  Be Connected to a knowledgeable housing counselor

 ● Obtain an official Certificate of Homebuyer Education to present to your lender

 ● Be more informed about the home-buying process and homeownership responsibilities

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to contact Central Colorado Housing before you will be able to print your completion certificate.

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