Self-Help Housing Program



Are you interested in learning new skills, developing new friendships and building your own home from the ground up? If so, the Self-Help Housing Program might be for you.


In the Self-Help Housing Program a group of 6 to 8 families and individuals will work together to build their own homes. Each group is assisted by a construction supervisor, CCH, and Rural Development to make that dream happen.


Who is eligible for the program?


Applicants —

  - who do not currently own a home.

  - who meet income limits.

  - with good credit.

  - with available income to repay the loan

What must Self-Help Participatns/Homeowners do?


As part of the program you will be asked to do the following:


    1. Attend preconstruction meetings.

    2. Attend a homebuyers workshop.

    3. Attend a partnering session.

    4. Work under the guidance of a construction supervisor.

    5. Work the necessary hours to complete all the homes.



For More Information

Please Contact:

Laura Yost
  (719) 275-9566

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