What To Bring To Your First Appointment
Identification - Must be current/valid original document (not a photocopy)
  • Drivers license
  • Medicaid card
  • Colorado ID card
  • Work/student/military ID
  • Passport/U.S. Government ID
  • Birth certificate - original or certified copy
  • Social Security Card - original
  • Foster Child Papers
  • U.S. Immunization Record (Infant/Child)
  • U.S. Hospital Documentation (Infants) (Examples: Infant wristband, footprint card, discharge papers)

             - Must include name of hospital, date

                of birth & mother's name.


Proof of Address - (1 item with current physical address)


  • Drivers license
  • Food Stamp eligibility notice
  • Government Id/document
  • Utility or other bill
  • Government mail
  • Rental agreement/mortgage receipt/statement from landlord
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Car registration/title/insurance
  • Pay Stub/W2


Income - Must be recent/current,
Bring documentation for all income received by the houselhold members - whether related or not.
  • Food stamp eligibility notice
  • Check stubs from employment
  • W-2 forms or income tax forms
  • Military Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • SSI letter or check stub
  • Written statement from employer
  • Self-employment documentation
  • Child support/alimony document
  • Student Award letter
  • Foster Placement/Award letter


WIC Clinic Locations


Fremont County


Canon City Clinic

WIC Program

3224A Independence Road

Canon City, CO 8121

Phone (719) 275-1580 or 275-1589

Fax (719) 275-2907



Marcia Dornhecker,

WIC Director;


Julie Peek,

Nutrition Educator;


Brandi Jimenez,

Nutrition Educator;

Sally Ayotte,

High Risk Counselor



Clinics held Monday: Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Chaffee County


Chaffee County Annex

Public Health Nurse Office

112 Linderman Avenue

Buena Vista, CO 81211

Phone: (719) 395-0344 ex 203



Nutrition Educator


Clinics are held: Thursday, 8:45 a.m.-3:45p.m.


Salida Clinic

139 E. Third Street

Salida, CO 81201

Phone: (719) 539-7413




Clinics are held: Tuesday and Wednesday 8a.m.-4:30p.m. and Friday 8a.m.-2:30p.m.


Custer County


Custer County Community Clinic

500 Rosita Ave.

Westcliffe 81252

Phone: (719) 783-3700



Marcia Dornhecker,

WIC Director


Clinics are held: Second Thursday each month 8:30a.m.-4:00p.m.


Lake County


Leadville Clinic

Tabor Grand

711 Harrison Ave.

Leadville, CO 80461

PO Box 1034

Phone: (719) 486-2749




Clinics are held: Monday through Wednesday 8a.m.- 4:30p.m. and Thursday 8a.m.-2:30p.m.


Friendly Reminders


Office is Closed:  All Weekends, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday following, and Christmas.
Late Policy: If you are more than ten minutes late, your appointment may be rescheduled.
Please - NO cell phones during your appointment!
Remember, we can only release information about the participants to the active endorser. 


WIC is supplemental
It is not designed to meet the entire nutrition needs of your family!